Tabitha regularly competes and trains horses for both clients based with her and external clients, agreeing a long term goal to establish a level of training and experience required for each individual client and horse. Skilled in developing the full athletic potential of the dressage horse, she uses techniques that best maintain their health and well-being.

Tabitha also provides a service joining clients at shows. This would include supporting them during the warmup phase, enabling them to achieve the perfect way of going before entering the arena. Encouraging clients and building their confidence to perform at their best under pressure, resulting in improved test riding and results.

In 2022 Tabitha was fortunate enough to travel to the highly regarded Dressage training facility Dos Lunas in southern Spain, with a client and six horses. They were joined by Olympian Ulla Salzgeber for intensive training during the winter months, grateful not only for the Spanish weather but the opportunity to experience Spanish training and competition at the very highest level. Since returning Tabitha has benefited from the guidance of international trainer Jan Bemelmans, continuing to further her knowledge and strive for the very best in everything that she does.