I am an equine lecturer and instructor and have trained with Tabitha on all ages and abilities of horses. Dramatically more so than any other trainer I have worked with Tabitha’s attention to detail has given me a feel for a truly correct and harmonious way of going making it easy for me to work the horses on my own and see where improvements need to be made next. Despite training with a number of “big names” in the past I have struggled with straightness for years after an injury and Tabitha’s unique eye for the biomechanics of individual horses and riders has been a real turning point in understanding how to correct it which is a massive relief. It is very rare to find a trainer who is so able to build confidence by pushing their clients to achieve their best without any negativity.


Tabitha is a superb coach. For me, she always seems to get the right balance between pushing me and encouraging me to ‘raise the bar’ and I love every minute of my three lessons a week with her. She is equally interested in, and committed to improving the riding of a professional or an amateur like me and I deeply appreciate this. Whatever your level ‘ it matters to her’. Her top priority is always the horse and she is meticulous in her attention to the management and health of all ‘her’ horses – during her lessons she always takes the time to show, share and explain and so I feel privileged to have learned a huge amount on how to ‘ read’ horses and their way of going. I love being at her beautiful yard. It is full of character and really ‘zen’. She treats her team well and it all makes for a positive, calm and enjoyable environment for both horse and rider. Tabitha has become a real, special friend to me. She is amazing at reading people and has stood by me. I can’t thank her enough for all the help, support and attention she has given throughout.


Tabitha has helped me qualify one of my horses for 3 regional BD Dressage finals, she understands and trains each horse as an individual, in a clear and concise manner and can adapt her training methods effectively to assist riders and horses of all levels and capabilities. Her training is informative, and fun, at the end of each lesson I have a clear goal to focus on for the following week. She has helped me with confidence issues on my young horse, and after only a couple of lessons the transformation in the pair of us has been astounding – I actually now feel I have a future with this horse!! Tabitha trains and works hard, seeks the very best tuition. In turn she is able to convey those methods and success she has gained herself onto her clients.


Tabitha has done a fantastic job in training and taking my horse through to the National Dressage Championships. Tabitha has a genuine passion for training both horse and rider and ensures she continues her own development by seeking out the very best tuition which in turn greatly benefits the riders and horses that she competently trains to the same high standards. Team Perrywood’s base is set in a rural tranquil setting where high standards are maintained and the atmosphere is very happy, sociable and all inclusive, and the well being of all the horses is a top priority.
My experience of Tabitha as a trainer is she is 100% reliable and supportive, she teaches intuitively, knows just how much to challenge you, has a methodical approach to teaching and instils confidence in the most nervous of rider, she will willingly share her extensive bank of knowledge gained through years of experience with horses. I highly recommend Tabitha, if you train with her, either your horse or as a rider, you will not be disappointed.”